Grand River Chapter
Michigan Duck Hunters Association

decidedOur meeting was brought to order at 1805 by Chapter President, Roger Courey. Treasurers report was reviewed. Motion was made to accept the Treasurers report and the motion carried.

The Chapter Golf Outing has been set for September 22nd. There was a motion made to allocate $3000 for prizes for the event. There was discussion on increasing  the amount to spend on prizes, but after a brief discussion it was deciced that no additional money was needed. The motion carried.

  Maple River Projects - Katie H. reported that about 30 people attended the Migration Day at the SGA.  Wood duck boxes have been completed and Chad K. said that they have been installed and are up. The tower project will get under way this summer and will be completed in stages. Chad also reported that hydro axing will begin as soon as conditions improve. He also reported that some of the vegetation in a few of the hunting locations will be cleared. Seeding may also occur in certain locations around the SGA.

MUCC Kids Camp(s) will be July 14 - July 19 and July 28 - August 2. Camp officials reported that the camp refrigerator has finally broken down after more than 70 years in service. The cost to repair it is around $10,000. Tim K. motioned to donate $500 to help with repairs. The motion carried.

Vets Waterfowl Hunt - No report

Crooked Foot Vets Hunt - Roger reported that the team at Crooked Foot is interested in doing a duck tower hunt. They would like to know if there is interest within our chapter. More discussion to come on this topic. Crooked Foot is still going to do the fall Vets hunt.

Budget - All budgeted items are pending. Additional budget item(s) is $500 for to support the repair of the refrigerator at the MUCC camp.

Chapter Name Change - Roger is moving forward with the name change. Katie H. encouraged everyone to bring their ideas for a logo to the next meeting.

MDHA State meeting - Roger reported that the decision on the boundaries and splits will remain the same as last year.

The DNR / Sleepy Hollow Field Day - No additional report

2019 meeting dates were reviewed. Next meeting is on May 1st.

Trail Life Scout Day will be on May 4th. No additional report.

Mason Optimist Kids Day is on June 8th. Chris H. will be looking for volunteers to help with this day.

Additional business included: Katie reported that the FB page is doing well.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1847.

Chapter Meeting Minutes Summary for April 2019