Grand River Chapter
Michigan Duck Hunters Association

Our meeting was brought to order at 1821 by Chapter President, Roger Courey. Treasurers report and minutes were reviewed. Motions were made to accept both and both motions carried.

The Chapter Golf Outing has been tentatively set for a date in mid-September. More to come on this event

Maple River Projects - The February 9th date to begin winter restoration in the SGA has been postponed because of excessive flooding in the restoration area. The new date will be February 23rd.

Crooked Foot Vets Hunt - After discussion it was decided to combine our spring hunt with the hunt sponsored by SCI in the fall.  More to come on this event

Budget - So far our budget for 2019 includes; Hydro Axing at the Maple River SGA, MUCC dues, sponsorships for kids attending the MUCC summer camp and to purchase duck prints.

Chapter Name Change - the Chapter name change will become official when all the details are worked out with the IRS and the State of Michigan. We are looking for logo suggestions now.

MDHA State meeting will be held on February 16th at Eagle Eye Golf Club from 10AM to 2PM.

The DNR / Sleepy Hollow Field Day is scheduled for July 13th. Chapter members are encouraged to help on that day.

2019 meeting dates were reviewed

Additional business included: Chris Hillman brought in a duck call from the company that he is now repping. Cost of the calls is $5 and $6 if a logo is to be etched on the call. Chad Krumnauer received a call from a former member, the Mac Bay Chapter is interested in supporting the Maple River SGA. More to come on this topic.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1930.

Chapter Meeting Minutes Summary for February 2019